Flexible and elastic black depilatory wax
For the body, face and delicate parts.

Ref. 7005

An innovative depilatory wax that combines the strength points of hot wax and liposoluble wax. It is delicate, thanks to the low melting point. It is an ultra-effective no-strip wax, suitable for all the body, even the most sensitive areas and even the face. Black wax is painless, since it does not adhere to the skin, but only to the hair, even the thinner one, so the hair removal is less painful than with the other waxes.


The colophony-free formula contains a high percentage of beeswax that makes Black wax flexible and elastic, allowing application in very long strips throughout the surface of the body. In addition, Black wax is enriched with nourishing and anti-aging organic argan oil that leaves the skin soft and velvety at the end of the treatment.


Hot Wax is the thick (normally applied about 1 cm thickness) wax, which is used on more sensitive areas, e.g. underarms, bikini areas and the face. It is on strips wax. Place the jar in the appropriate heater and warm the wax until it reaches the right temperature. Then apply the wax in the direction of hair growth using a wooden spatula and when it is dry, you remove it by flicking up the edge, holding it between your fingers and pull in the reverse direction, against the hair growth. At the end of the treatment apply a Gabor Professional post-epilation product to moisturize the skin and remove any wax residues.

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